Day: December 14, 2018

Need a holiday? What kind of traveller are you?

Brits to be charged to visit EU from 2021

Britons will pay €7 (£6.30) every three years to travel to EU countries following Brexit.  The European Commission said that UK travellers don't need a VISA but they will need to apply for and buy another document, to enter into EU states. The document is called an ETIAS (European Travel ...

Reddit User Gives Excellent Analogy of Panama Papers

Tourist pound almost at one dollar

It isn’t good news for travellers at UK airports as tourists are being offered almost one pound for one dollar. The rate is always poor at airports compared to other currency exchange outlets,however this is a clear indication of the trouble sterling is in. Those exchanging pounds at the UK's ...

Stupidgate? What about the impending existential crisis that’s on the horizon

EU leaders reject May’s desperate pleas for help

Theresa May was back in mainland Europe, after winning her vote of no-confidence, hoping to get some extra concessions from EU power brokers. However, it looks like her desperate requests havefallen on deaf ears. May was hoping they would concede ground on the Irish backstop, but Jean-Claude Junker knocked back ...