Day: 30 November 2018

Why didn’t Matt Hancock show his commitment to social care?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock accused of breaking ethics rules

Matt Hancock has come under fire for praising a private app in a newspaper article. The Labour Party want the Health Sec to face an “urgent investigation” after he seemed to endorse, Babylon, a GP app. The piece appeared in the Evening Standard, edited by George Osborne, where he praised ...

Humans could have started in the USA

Humans could have started in the USA

New research shows that Teilhardina brandti, a species found in Wyoming, is as old or older than its Asian and European relatives, upending the prevailing hypothesis that Teilhardina first appeared in China.

Brexit: The Impact of Brexit on Doing Business in London

Do you work for a multinational company whose head office is currently in London? And, are you considering visiting London on business shortly? Or do you no longer need to rent one of the serviced apartments in the capital city of the UK because your company is moving its head ...