Day: June 14, 2018

The Glenlivet Code

Spirit of the Week: The Glenlivet Code

Inspired by the British Code Breakers of the Second World War, The Glenlivet Code was launched earlier this year. Released without cask information or tasting notes, the whisky challenges consumers’ senses while pushing boundaries of flavour exploration. Crafted from specially selected casks never before used by The Glenlivet - the ...

Film Review: Hereditary

Film Review: Hereditary

With the success in 2017 of Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning, post-race horror Get Out, or more recently John Krasinski’s spine-chilling sci-fi hit A Quiet Place, it would be far too simplistic to speak of a sudden horror resurgence, especially when one considers that beyond the hype created around a few Hollywood-backed productions, ...