Day: September 24, 2017

Sports Direct chairman tries to palm off VAT receipts as “tax contributions”

45 years to stamp out zero hour contract “epidemic”

New analysis published today has revealed it will take 45 years to stamp out the epidemic of zero hours contracts if the current trend continues. The latest ONS figures, released this week, show a drop in the number of workers on zero hours contracts of 20,000 compared to last year ...

Social mobility report should have carried Corbyn’s manifesto slogan

In pictures: Tory Glastonbury vs Corbyn’s Glastonbury

The Conservative party descended on Berkshire late last week for the so-called "Tory Glastonbury" spearheaded by MP George Freeman as a way to bolster the Conservatives' dwindling grassroots support. Around 200 people joined the invitation-only gathering on the estate of Mark Davies, a Conservative donor who was one of the founders ...