Day: December 9, 2016

Restaurant Review: Little Smoke, Moorgate

Restaurant Review: Little Smoke, Moorgate

For all the wonderful simplicity single menu demi-chains offer they are the anathema of fresh, seasonal and diverse cooking. In most instances you sense a replica version of the menu is likely stapled to the freezer to itemise the frozen boxes of readymade meals that line the shelves, and so ...


Restaurant Review – Chi Kitchen

The problem with the term ‘Pan-Asian’ is the somewhat stereotypical model of a restaurant that often takes various dishes and techniques from the likes of Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and crams them all into the same shallow pigeonhole, often ending up with a result that’s less than authentic. ...

Video – Boris fails to kiss a fish

Tory Cock-Up as Boris Johnson Sent to Sunderland

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson was accidentally sent to Sunderland after Tory staff confused the town for a British overseas territory. Junior staff, one fresh out of Eton, were sent by the new Exiting the European Union select committee to explore the state of Sunderland Upon Wear after it was flagged that they ...