Day: December 22, 2015

Building the International Space Station

The International Space Station is an architectural feat and a cross-country collaboration like no other. Suspended approximately 400 kilometres above the Earth’s surface the habitable artificial satellite weighs almost 400 tonnes and required more than 40 missions to assemble. Space administrations from across the World joined to form the world's ...

Podcast: The Outcome of the Paris Climate Summit

Callum Towler, Stephen Adams and Owen Black chat about the the outcome of the Paris climate summit, exploring the inability for a lot of people to care about something so seemingly far into the future, how we consume and whether the prevailing political model can ever achieve sustainability.

The Future of Tyre Technology

Most people, even those who follow what is happening in the automotive industry, consider car tyres as an afterthought, at best. People think that the last advancement in tyre technology was putting air in them, but in reality the tyre industry is a very live one and pretty much all ...