Day: June 9, 2015


El Salvador’s Return to a Peacetime War

By Rohan Chatterjee This March the National Civil Police (PNC) recorded 481 homicides as El Salvador continued its steady regression to levels of violence once hoped confined to the country’s ultraviolent past. March concluded as the deadliest month in over a decade, recording an average of 16 murders a day, including ...


Post Election: what it means for first-time buyers

By Dean Jones, managing director at SoSmart Money First-time buyers were set firmly within the sights of the majority of parties in the build up to the recent general election, and it appears that this target market may have been key to the outcome. During their last term in office ...

Metal Gear Solid: The Re-Write

Metal Gear Solid: The Re-Write

This originally appeared on Written by Ed Smith, the following script is a re-write of 1998's Metal Gear Solid and it's fucking hilarious and weird, and Joannes from very kindly gave me permission to post it here for you all. Also a big thanks to Ed Smith for ...