Want a holiday to remember? Make sure you choose the right travel companion! Here we bring you the Best holidays for couples in 2016, particularly if you have differing interests…

Apparently 36% of Brits struggle to find a holiday destination that suits the interests of themselves and their companion. However, 82% of Brits say who you travel with is as important as where you travel according to new study*.

When planning your holiday, it might be worth spending just as much time considering which companion you take with you as searching for your dream destination. New research from the British Airways American Express Card has found that the travel experience is defined as much by your companion as by the destination itself, with 82% of Brits saying that the person they choose to travel with is as important as where they choose to go.

However, holidaymakers prioritise very different activities (or lack of them). What if your partner prefers a lazy beach holiday spent sun-worshipping whilst you opt for an action packed adventure. Or you crave a culinary cruise, eating and drinking your way through the local offer, but your friend prefers to soak up the history, culture and sights instead.  In fact, over a third of travellers (36%) say that they struggle to find a destination that suits the interests of both holidaygoers – whether that travel companion is a partner, family member or friend.

Reykjavik from Raw - Simon Bajada

Reykjavik from Raw cr, Simon Bajada


With 36 million Brits planning to get away in 2016, and the average spend per holiday amounting to £1,350 in total, it’s important that your companion’s travel interests are catered for.

Publisher Phaidon has created a Companion travel guide in partnership with American Express. Companion features ten of the most exciting cities in the world explored from the differing perspectives.  Each city guide is compiled by the insiders who live and work there.


Barcelona Antoni Gaudis Casa Batilo, Roger Casas

In it, late night rock ‘n’ roll is reconciled with healthy living in Reykjavik, the urban scene is contrasted with the splendid isolation on offer in Vancouver and the worlds of high fashion and films are championed in Sao Paulo.  Here we show you the best holidays for couples looking for a city break in 2016 (the full Companion guide is available to download for free at www.americanexpress.co.uk/companions):

Best holidays for couples, 2016 – Companion guide insights

  • Berlin: Photography and nightlife. Pumping German nightlife meets grand Communist era architecture and post-modern capitalism.
  • Barcelona: Architecture and food. Quirky buildings designed by Gaudis, meets one of the
  • Amsterdam: More than just flowers, canals and eateries, uncover a city rich in design with a plethora of vintage markets and local contemporary art dotted around the city. Or if like Stefan you want to get away from the city, explore the stunning landscape in the surrounding villages or forests just outside of Amsterdam.
  • São Paulo: Cinema and fashion.  Take a tour of the cinematic sites while also visiting the stores and markets where you can uncover distinctive Brazilian style.
  • Rome: Architecture and pizza. Rome’s beautiful buildings are jaw dropping, but you can reward your other half by sampling gourmet pizza.
  • Reykjavik: Food and coastal landscapes. Explore both food and music in Iceland’s stunning coastal capital, with a stunning city backdrop and access to wild landscapes.
  • Vancouver: Outdoors and city life. You and your travel companion can appreciate the diversity of Vancouver through both outdoor activities and city culture.
  • New York: Eating and drinking. New York has something for everyone, but when you’ve finished the shopping and sight seeing, seek out the top spots for day time and night time eating and drinking in New York.
  • Los Angeles: Photography and art.  Two very different but equally picture-perfect sides of the city, you can take in the fine art and photography on offer here.
  • Hong Kong: Design and Asian cuisine. Explore both the tastes and tasteful designs of this enigmatic city.


Designed to satisfy the diverse interests of travelling companions, the guide is inspired by the Companion Voucher, a British Airways Amex Card benefit that provides a complimentary second seat companion on a British Airways flight.  The result is an insider’s guide to the must-see cities to visit with partners, family and friends from creative visionaries across the world including Ferran and Albert Andrià, renowned chefs and the inspirational founders of celebrated restaurant elBulli and British photographer and Magnum Photos president Martin Parr.

HK PMQ WCG cr -Marcel Lam

HK PMQ WCG, Marcel Lam  


* One Poll study of a representative sample of 2,000 UK residents December 2015.

Featured image. The High Line, New York – Matthew Monteith.



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