What does Apple plan to bring us in 2016?

Here’s a roundup of what Apple bought us in 2015 and our prediction of what will 2016 bring

2015 was a great year for Apple, as it unveiled innovative product after product, dominating the tech market and raking in a hefty, final quarterly revenue of $55.5billion. So what products helped contribute towards this incredible success? And what do we have to look forward to in 2016?


Apple Watch

Gold Apple Watch

Unveiled in March 2015, this was Apple’s first product to dip into the wearable tech category and was well received. The watch allows you to view your messages, receive calls, track fitness and pay for shopping all via your wrist. Of course, you need an iPhone to run the device, but this could all be set to change in 2016, as rumours circulating around the Apple Watch 2 – expected for release earlier in the year – believe the device will be able to run on its own using your mobile network.


iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 6S

iphone6sAnother year, another iPhone release and this year we saw the enormous iPhone Plus dominate the market. This handset got people talking due to its sheer size although there were some issues when it came to pockets and whether the phone would fit; while uncomfortable to hold in one hand sometimes it does offer more of an iPad experience than other devices and has a better camera.


2016 will more than likely see the introduction of the iPhone 7, which could come with a mini size and a plus size handset depending on your preferences. There is a rumour that the handset will be dust, debris and waterproof due to a new self healing patent being applied to any openings, something many of us will appreciate after paying out for numerous iPhone repairs due to fateful incidents involving toilets and washing up bowls.


Apple Music

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 13.36.56

The company launched Apple Music, a new streaming service created to compete with the likes of Spotify and Deezer, that users pay a monthly fee for access to. The brand has since admitted that it needs to look into making the service better, as a high number of users have complained of bugs and the service causing issues with their current iTunes library.

For 2016, we should witness updates and upgrades to the service to smooth any issues out.




Apple has a desire to make everything it creates slimmer and more refined and this year it achieved it with its latest MacBook.

Released earlier in the year it has received mixed reviews with many celebrating its revolutionary design and others complaining that it is simply too thin – much like Alan Sugar on Twitter when he’s watching Cheryl Cole on the X Factor.


iPad Pro

ipad-proOne of the later releases in the year, the iPad Pro has been well received in the world of tech and for many has replaced their tired old laptop or desktop PC. This iPad can be used as an everyday computer, with a keyboard and sensitive stylus.

You can do everything you would usually on a laptop but with the benefit of having something easy to transport and pack away.



2015 has definitely been a great year for Apple and 2016 looks to take what it has put out this year and simply enhance it.


Let us know if you have any insider info or predictions of what Apple will release in 2016.

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