New gadgets for your home in 2016

There are lots of gadgets on the market that we can equip our homes with. Lots are available online and whatever your budget there now seems to be a gadget for everything.  Whether you want to make your life easier or more luxurious, check out the latest gadgets on the market in 2016.

Entertainment equipment comes in lots of different variations, whether you use them directly in your home, our want to take them out and about. The kitchen is quite often the family hub area, so we’ve dug out some quirky gadgets ranging from the very small to the large. There’s a gadget for everyone.


Entertainment equipment



UE_Boom_speakersThere are hundreds of portable speakers on the market. The UE Boom speaker is a wireless bluetooth speaker, which gives a 360° sound. The UE Roll is a disc shape, making it easy to carry around, whereas the UE Boom 2 is a cylinder shape, and boasts that you can get it can get wet, muddy, and covered in snow, and it will keep giving out the quality of sound.

The UE Megaboom is a larger version of the UE Boom 2, with the same robust qualities, with a bigger sound. All 3 products come in various colours and are all stylish in their designs.


Mmmm, bed!

tv bed

Whether it’s late at night or having a lie-in on a weekend, there is nothing more indulgent a TV bed. A must have in 2016, companies such as Bedstar offer a range of different styles and sizes to suit your comfort needs.

The TV electronically travels out from the foot of the bed, with either a remote control or a push button at arm’s reach. Some bed models can accommodate up to a 42” LED TV, a hub adapter with auxiliary and USB ports built in, and a 3 directional sound bar.


Kitchen gadgets

smarter-coffeeBarista kitchen

The Smarter Coffee Machine can be connected to your WiFi so that you use the app to that you remotely brew your coffee from anywhere within the home. On this machine you are able to adjust the coarseness of the ground coffee beans, adjust the strength of your coffee and how many cups you’d like it to make. You can also set the alarm, so that the wake up mode will switch it on at your required time, having the luxurious smell of fresh coffee drifting through your home when you wake up.

chill-ballsKitchen Balls

If you’re look at getting some less expensive gadgets for the kitchen, a fun thing to cool drinks down are chill balls. Put the balls into the freezer and then pop them onto clip which you then clip to the side of your glass, and they won’t dilute or flavour your drink.


No more post-it notes

The Hi! Voice Recorder Fridge Magnet is a fridge magnet which you can leave messages or reminders. Made from silicon rubber, you can record up to 10 messages for the rest of the household to hear.










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