iPhone app that can cut your heating bills by a quarter

Heating your home is an important but potentially costly process, which is why many people try to save money in whatever way they can. Fitting double glazing, using draught excluders and turning off radiators in rooms that are not being used can all be helpful in this respect.

However, Pump Sales Direct say there are some high-tech ways to cut your utilities bill available today, and mobile apps are at the heart of making heating systems smarter.

This is all thanks to modern central heating pumps and systems being controllable remotely via a compatible smartphone or tablet. And while you will need to install some new pieces of hardware at home, the long-term savings will be significant, with some companies promising to cut as much as £400 from your annual heating bill.


How It Works

Different smart central heating systems work in different ways, but the underlying principle is that they will be able to make sure that your home is being warmed only at the times that this makes sense. So rather than having to rely on timers, which may ultimately not match your work and social schedule if there is a change of plan, the use of apps means that people can turn their heating on and off remotely. And as a result you need never worry about whether or not you forgot to do so again.

The most advanced systems are not just based on giving you remote access to your thermostat settings but also about using technology so that you do not even need to think about making adjustments in the first place.

One way this is achieved is thanks to systems keeping an eye on local weather reports. This allows them to plan ahead and select the right time and temperature for the heating to come on based on how cold it is likely to be outside.

More intelligent still is the ability of apps to harness the built-in GPS data generated by modern smartphones and use this to work out when someone is on their way home, activating the heating at a point that will allow the house to heat up to the desired temperature just as they arrive, and no sooner. The efficiency of this process goes hand in hand with the comfort that it will provide. And so saving money on your heating no longer means that you have to endure hours of enforced chilliness or wait for ages for the system to warm your property when you switch it on in person.


Additional Advantages

There are, of course, different levels of functionality that are available via smart central heating systems such as those offered by Nest, Honeywell and others. And the more you pay, the more advanced the degree of control you will have over your heating. So if you are willing to swallow the upfront costs, you can cut heating bills even further over time.

With zoning, certain systems can monitor and adjust the heating in individual rooms, meaning that those which are not in use or are about to be in the future can be kept at a sensible temperature. This avoids the need to go in and out of rooms to turn radiators on or off; you can sit back and let your iPhone do all the work.

Of course, it is worth pointing out that the size of the home in question will alter the amount of money that can be saved. Three- or four-bedroom family properties are likely to benefit more from smart central heating technology such as this than studio flats. But when it comes to saving energy and money, this truly is the future.


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