Video – Mhairi Black urges Tory MPs to watch I, Daniel Blake

It sometimes appears that Mhairi Black is taking on the Tories single handedly. The young SNP MP has made many moving speeches to the House, hoping to improve the lives of the poorest in society.

This time she urged all Conservative MPs to watch Ken Loach’s new film I, Daniel Blake. She is doubtful they will, but she urges then to see it and to understand the lives of the poorest in society.

She savages HMRC, The Tories and Concentrix for their role in targeting the poorest in society. Black tells the house that these people are not a number, or a claimant but a person who has found themselves in desperate need from the state.

Black tells the house the the new PM Theresa May promised to help the poorest in her maiden speech after becoming the leader of the Conservative party, but that these were hollow words

Watch Video Here

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