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VIDEO – Hunt told off for playing with phone during debate

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Jeremy hunt was told off like a naughty schoolboy and was then called ‘rude discourteous’ by speaker John Bercow after the Health Secretary was seen using his phone during a debate over nursing cuts.

Hunt was accused of ‘impairing parliamentary decorum’ after he could be seen using his phone while Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander led the debate.

Bercow says to Hunt: ‘To sit there fiddling ostentatiously with an electronic device defies the established convention of the House that such devices should be used without impairing parliamentary decorum.”

Deputy Leader of the House Thérèse Coffey was also spotted tapping away on an electronic device, not once but twice. Bercow interrupts Alexander, he says: ‘In very simple terms [Hunt] and the Deputy Leader of the House [Coffey] are being rank discourteous to the shadow Secretary of State and to the House.’

Watch Video Here

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