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Officers Attacked At Wormwood Scrubs Just Days After Walkout

Two prison officers at Wormwood Scrubs were attacked whilst on duty this morning.

The assault follows a walk-out by 50 members of staff on Friday over health and safety concerns. Further walkouts have been discussed by the union, and new industrial action can be expected after today’s news.

Previously, the POA had said the jail was “flooded with drugs, mobile phones and weapons”.

The Prison Officers’ Association (POA) say the prison officers were “seriously injured” and taken to hospital after an attack by an inmate.

In a statement, a Prison Service spokesperson said: “The POA can confirm two prison officers have been seriously injured whilst performing their duties at Wormwood Scrubs.

“Both members of staff were badly assaulted and have been taken to hospital.”

“We do not tolerate violence against our hardworking officers. The perpetrator has been placed in segregation and will face a police investigation which could lead to criminal charges.”

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