New Centre-Left Party “A Real Possibility”

A new centre-left party is a “real possibility”, according to Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.

As Labour MPs become increasingly frustrated by Labour isolation and the Lib Dems try to claw back lost seats from the last General Election, the possibility of a new alliance to oppose the Tories is becoming increasingly likely.

Talking to the Independent, Farron said he has already held “off-camera” conversations on the issue with politicians from other parties.

He said: “There are loads of people out there who you realise in this most calamitous and febrile set of circumstances you share a lot more in common with them than the fact you want to be in the European Union. So realignment is a real, real possibility.”

The Green Party has already called on Labour, the Lib Dems and Plaid Cymru to form a “progressive alliance”, but that could depend on the outcome of the Labour leadership contest.

“We have to respect what’s going on in the Labour Party at the moment and see what happens. My genuine sense is that I can’t see a happy ending for them,” he said.


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