Leaked document shows ‘secret’ government studies into impact of ‘hard’ Brexit

A leaked document has revealed secret government studies into the impact of a hard Brexit, with the Department of Health finding the NHS could be hit by a shortage of more than 40,000 nurses by 2026.

Union GMB has appealed to the government to release the data, asking “what else has Theresa May got to hide?” after a whistleblower revealed the findings.

There are thought to be dozens of impact assessments already carried out by the Government into its chosen course of leaving not just the EU, but the single market and customs union.

Not one has been published.

A recent opinion poll by GMB revealed a majority (55 per cent) want their Government to publish its impact assessments on what it thinks could happen to different industries and parts of the UK economy through its Brexit plans.

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said: “Brexit isn’t a game – people’s livelihoods and futures are at stake.

“The Prime Minister seems to be intentionally keeping people in the dark in her quest to leave the single market and customs union.

“The Government must publish their secret impact assessments as soon as possible so people know what’s in store and what the government is putting at risk.

“Public services, unions and government need to plan for the future, we can’t do that when the government is hiding so much information from everyone.

“People are going to start to ask what the Prime Minister has to hide – the government needs to come clean.”

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  1. All the older population will know what it will be like because we were the people that lived pre the EU.
    The UK had , ‘them and us ‘ no holidays as such, poor wages/salaries working long hours. Then of course along came Thatcher , she was the Tory MP that stopped the school milk prior to becoming the Elected PM. When she did, so you can imagine what happened when in her elevation she commenced to Close down or sell anything and everything because ‘it was cheaper to import it’,
    Her rationale regarding the NHS was ‘ introducing non medical staff as managers, accountants etc, where there was Domestic Services allied to Hospitals , she brought in outside interest.THEN she proceeded to close Mental Health , Fever, Children’s Wards . Nurses training is another example of the Tory thinking, where there was a College of Nursing that trained Nurses , she decide that University ‘s were better, nothing wrong with that except that not all young people want a degree , they want a job with skills, and Nursing is an ongoing learning process wherein working , participating at a work level environment, impacts with Students , apprenticeships , factories, shops etc. This is what is wrong now, if you don’t. go to High School, university, you are deemed under-educated or worse.
    We also had Married Women working , PartTime not allowed to pay a full stamp , I whom had worked 30+years was told that my Pension would be 69pence a week, but thanks to the EU all working 30hours pw would be classed as full time and holidays pro rata …. This is just a wee taster of what’s. going to happen.I hope this UK sees sense soon

    1. José Miguel Figueroa

      Not that I disagree, but if the older generations knew how it was, then why did they overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU?

  2. dominic swords

    So much for democracy. We know what the huge negative impact of this kind of Breixt would be yet May insists it will be good for all and David Davies even claimed recently that no assessment of a ‘hard’`brexit had been done. His body belied his words and this demonstrates why.

  3. Kay

    Can we see more content from the leaked document please? It’s hard to know how this estimate about nurses was calculated. Were there other sectors included in the report?

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