Forest Hill knifeman shouted 'I want to kill a Muslim' before stabbing a fellow passenger

A knifeman reportedly shouted ‘I want to kill a Muslim’ before stabbing a fellow passenger on a train, it was claimed today.

Terrified passengers fled as the attacker ‘screamed’ at other travellers asking them if they were Muslim before knifing his victim.

He then reportedly chased onlookers around Forest Hill station, south east London, before fleeing the scene, but was caught by police soon after.

Eyewitness Kastrati Met said: “The attacker all of suddenly started shouting ‘who is Muslim, I want to kill a Muslim’ and just went to a guy sitting with his wife and started stabbing him.

“He walked from the carriages to the last carriage shouting.

“I think he returned once as a lady has seen him taking a knife from his bag

“He came from the other carriages, we were on the first carriage.

“He was a mixed race man over 30, about 6ft tall, wearing a black jacket.”

The British Transport Police added: “We are investigating the circumstances of the Forest Hill incident, but at this time we are not treating it as terrorism-related.”

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