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Donald Trump Declares War on Terror

US Presidential nominee Donald Trump has declared war on terror following the Nice attacks.

The outspoken Republican declared “This is war” after a crazed gunman driving a truck ploughed through crowds in Nice killed 80 and injured 100, the presidential hopeful declared: “This is war.”

Even though ISIS has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack, Trump said he would demand a declaration of war on ISIS from Congress if he won the White House, saying it “should be used for a purpose” to wipe out the “cancer” of the terror group.

In an interview with Fox News, Trump called on Obama to recognise that the problem was “radical Islam”.

He added: “This is war, coming from all different parts and frankly it’s war and we are dealing with people without uniforms.

“In the old days we had uniforms and we knew what we were fighting. We are allowing people into our country who we have no idea where they are, who they are where they are from.

“They have no paperwork, they have no documentation in many cases.”

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