Denmark Keen To Avoid British Mess Following Referendum

Support for the European Union in Denmark has surged to new highs with Danish people keen to avoid putting themselves in the “kind of mess the British have created for themselves”.

A new poll has countered fears that the Scandinavian nation might be the next country to hold a referendum, revealing 69 per cent of Danish people now endorse the country’s membership of the union, up 10 per cent from the week leading up to the Brexit vote.

The Voxmeter poll also showed the number of people demanding a similar referendum has dropped from 41 per cent to 32 per cent.

Professor Marlene Wind, from the University of Copenhagen, told Bloomberg: “This poll confirms that nobody wants to put themselves in the kind of mess the British have created for themselves.

“Prior to the Brexit vote there were lots of predictions that a British exit would trigger others to put their EU membership on the line.

“The Brexit vote has been a wake-up call across Europe, and people are now seeing it as a big gamble with plenty of uncertainty.”

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