Spring clean your workspace and increase productivity

Don’t ignore the piles of trash on your desk anymore – it is time to spring clean your workspace, get rid of the clutter and sweep out those crumbs from under the keyboard.

An organised workspace helps you to be efficient, productive and generally on top of your business game, but where do you begin? As part of our business advice section, and with the help office design specialists Peldon Rose, this ten step programme breaks down the task into manageable actions:


1. Make a list

Every job worth doing begins with a list. Write down all the work tasks you need to complete and then note the equipment or space you need to tackle them easily. Once you know what’s essential, you can organise your workspace to your advantage.

2. Clear Your Desktop

Everyone has items that accumulate on their desktop; pen tidies, family photos or paperwork that needs to be addressed, but personalising your workspace or keeping everything to hand rarely contributes to efficiency. Remove everything and then return just the essential items to your desktop. If you have space, add one or two personal items; being organised is good for efficiency but so is feeling at home at work.

3. Clean your Desktop

While you have all the stuff off of your desk give it a quick once over. Fingerprints on monitors, crumbs in keyboards and coffee rings on the desk are unavoidable for the hard worker, but take care to clean spills and smudges at the end of every day to prevent grime accumulating and the wrong image being presented.

4. Use a Planner

At-a-glance planners are invaluable for organising your time efficiently and managing workloads. Desktop or wall-mounted planners are good but they can contribute to a space feeling cluttered so try utilising a digital planner or App to keep your projects on track.

5. Group items together

If you work on a variety of tasks, you can save time by grouping the equipment you need for each job together so that everything is easily accessible. You will thank yourself for being organised when you are rushing about to get something done.

6. Invest in Storage

Any items that are in your way or which contribute to a space feeling cluttered belong in storage. Under-desk drawer pedestals, lockers and stationery cupboards will take care of most files, stationery and personal items, but extra space can be freed up by scanning and archiving old or rarely used documents on your storage drive.

7. Organise Digital Files

Many of us rely on digitally stored documents to complete business tasks. Making sure folders, subfolders and file paths are named and organised in a logical manner makes it easier to work efficiently. If anything unforeseen should take you out of the office, your colleagues may need to access that information in your absence so make sure it’s user-friendly.

8. Create an Inventory

If you need to store high volumes of client information, stock or equipment then create a detailed inventory and ensure every item in storage is properly packaged and clearly labelled for quick and easy access.

9. Take Out The Trash

Using a range of recycling bins makes dealing with office waste easy. Depending on your needs, dedicated bins are available for paper, cardboard, cans, bottles and food. Keep the environment fresh by taking any food waste out daily.

10. Know When to Quit!

If your office space and storage facilities are inadequate, no amount of tidying or organising will transform your office into the efficient, productive place it could be, so be realistic about what you can achieve. If it feels like your business has outgrown your premises, call in an interiors expert.

Workplace designers see interior spaces in a unique way and can either help you salvage your existing premises or design a new office space that accommodates your current and future needs.


To find out more about the interior design process and services available, contact office design specialists at Peldon Rose.

Image courtesy of Peldon Rose, showing M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment offices in London


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