10 reasons why cloud computing is a must for businesses

There has got to be an explanation for both private and public cloud usage among businesses increasing by 74 per cent in 2015. Furthermore, why do estimates suggest that 36 per cent of all data will be stored in the cloud by the end of this year too?

Well, there are in fact countless reasons to convince any size of enterprise to adopt cloud computing. But for the time being at least, here are just ten ways your own organisation can reap the rewards of the cloud.


As you only pay for what you need and are not compelled to spend out on unused services, the cloud is much more cost-effective than physical storage and services. With 100TB Cloud Servers, there are a handful of different payment plans available on a monthly or even hourly basis.

Data recovery in a disaster

Coming up with a disaster recovery plan usually requires lots of cash and expertise. But thanks to the cloud, businesses with small budgets can implement backup and recovery solutions that don’t require a large up-front investment or third-party expertise.

Greater control

As opposed to conflicting file content, formats, and titles that come about from endless email attachments, the cloud affords greater document control for your entire workforce.

Better security

As a result of recent high-profile hacking incidents that have compromised customer data, IT departments are desperately trying to bolster their defences against cyber criminals. This should start by switching to the cloud, which benefits from measures such as SSL certificates and two-factor authentication.

Extremely flexible

If your business has fluctuating bandwidth demands, you can easily scale up cloud capacity by drawing on your provider’s remote servers. Then again, if you need to scale back down again, the cloud’s extreme flexibility allows you to do this.

No maintenance required

There is no need to worry about maintaining the health and safety of your storage or servers, as cloud computing providers will take care of everything – out of sight and out of mind.

Speed of implementation
Giving internal IT teams the responsibility to order and configure a new server could take a matter of weeks, if not months. However, a virtual server can be delivered almost immediately and integrated into daily operations just as quickly.

Increase competitiveness

Choose a move to the cloud and your business will be given access to enterprise-class technology. Therefore, you will not only increase your competiveness but also steal a march on bigger, more established industry rivals.

Improve employee happiness

As long as employees have an Internet connection, they can complete their daily duties whenever and wherever they want via the cloud. After all, one study suggests that 42 per cent of workers would swap a portion of their pay for the ability to telecommute.

Be more eco-friendly

Only using the cloud servers and services you require doesn’t just have cost-saving benefits, it can potentially help the planet as well. This is because you will only be consuming necessary energy and won’t end up leaving a harmful carbon footprint.

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