Now is the time to get your garden Summer Ready

As the sun starts to make an appearance from behind the clouds and the days start to get slightly warmer, it can only mean one thing; summer is on its way!

The return of the good weather means that your garden is now about to become the centre of your home again. It will play host to garden parties, drinks with friends and dinner with family, as well as becoming the place you choose to sit and read a book or where the kids play with the dog.

Lots of people living in London and the rest of UK have access to gardens, outdoor spaces and patios.  However, as a nation we are losing our green fingers, which means many people’s outdoor spaces haven’t just sat neglected over the winter months, they are permanently neglected.

This month is the time to put in a little hard work in order to make your garden an enjoyable space that you want to spend time in. You need to get it summer ready once again. Here is how:


Give it a spring clean

You probably haven’t set foot in your garden many times over the winter, let alone shown it any attention. So firstly, while you are giving your home a spring clean, do the same for the garden, because a space that is overgrown and full of weeds is not somewhere you will want to spend the summer months.

Cut the grass, dig out the weeds and dead plants, cut back the overgrown bushes, give the patio and furniture a good scrub and clear away any rubbish.


Give it a lick of paint

Are the fence panels peeling? Have your table and chairs seen better days? Plant pots faded in the sun? Then sand them down and give them a lick of paint, and they will look as good as new in no time! Why not brighten up the space this summer and ditch the brown for a brighter shade?


Feed the grass

You want to keep your garden looking luscious and green, so after you have cut the grass, give it some food! If you want rapid results use a soluble feed, or you can feed your lawn on a regular basis throughout the summer with granular feed. If your garden is still looking a little unkempt, then edge your lawn so that you have a nice clean line between the grass and flowerbeds.


Add a splash of summer colour

It is time to add a splash of colour to your garden with summer bedding plants. These can be placed in borders, pots and hanging baskets to spread the colour out across the space. In other areas of the garden, consider roses – which always look stunning.


Prepare for wildlife

What could be better than looking out of your kitchen window and seeing your garden full of wildlife? You need to encourage them to be there, so clean out the bird bath, houses and feeders – fill up the water and stock up on seed. Likewise, when you are choosing which plants you want, look at ones that will be beneficial to wildlife.


Accessorize the space

Your garden is effectively an extra room in your home, so make it a pretty space you enjoy sitting in. Solar lights are great for showing off your garden when the nights are warm enough to still be sitting out there after dark – plus fairy lights in the trees and candles on the table will give it a really cosy feel. How about also filling it with cushion and mirrors and really taking the inside out?


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