Forget overpriced flowers, this is what everyone wants on Valentine’s Day

If you’re sick of being ripped off on Valentine’s Day, whether it be the inflated price of flowers or the ‘special Valentine’s menu’ at your local pub, remember that not everything needs to cost the Earth.  This gift is completely free, so learn how to do The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Foot Massage in 14 Easy Steps to impress your loved one.

If you have run out of ideas for original gifts this Valentine’s Day, why not treat your partner to a blissfully relaxing foot massage? Whether it’s for a man or a woman, what could be more romantic? Simply Feet were on hand to provide us with the tips below for the ultimate pamper.

  1. Set the mood. Before you start, create the perfect atmosphere with dimmed lights and soft music. Choose some romantic ballads which you both like and maybe even light a few scented candles. A foot massage can be invigorating or sensual, so tailor your technique according to the mood.
  2. Make sure your partner has a comfortable place to sit or lie. Use cushions and throws to ensure he or she is cosy. A fleecy blanket is perfect to keep them snug and warm.
  3. Start with a luxurious foot soak. Ensure you select a foot basin large enough to accommodate both of your partner’s feet comfortably. The water should be warm and deep enough to cover the feet and ankles entirely. Don’t forget to put down some towels to eliminate the worry of splashes and spills. There are lots of soak additives to choose from, including Epsom salts, tea tree oil, limes, honey and mint. Alternatively, try aromatic essential oils such as lavender. A popular choice from Simply Feet is the Purple Flame Aromatherapy Tea Tree and Peppermint Foot Soak – a real treat for feet!
  4. Once your partner’s feet have soaked for a few minutes, use a pumice stone to gently remove any calluses and dead skin. This not only feels nice and enhances the appearance of the feet, but it also improves the sensation of the massage.
  5. Gently rub in a small amount of foot cream to reduce friction before commencing the massage.
  6. Start the massage by slowly stretching out the foot. Push the top of the foot forwards and back. Then take the foot in both hands, cradling the sides with your palms and begin stroking the feet using the thumbs from the toes to the ankles.
  7. Next use the thumbs to stroke the underside of the foot from toe to heel.
  8. With your fist, firmly knead the ball of the foot.
  9. Now, with a soft pinching motion, run your thumbs from the base of the big toe along to the heel. Repeat the motion from the little toe to the heel.
  10. Grasp each individual toe in turn, tugging and moving them in a small circular motion.
  11. Placing a finger between each toe, massage back and forth for a few seconds.
  12. Without applying too much pressure, stretch the tension from the arch by pressing the palm of your hand into it, sliding between the ball to the heel and back.
  13. Finish the foot massage by rolling an object around the foot. A foot wheel works well, but you can use a water bottle or similar. The pressure achieved is great for relieving tension.
  14. Finally, cover the feet in warm and cosy socks and slippers and elevate them.

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