Stuck for kids gifts? The coolest Batman v Superman presents

If you are stuck for kids gifts, check out the coolest Batman v Superman presents…

Choose where your allegiance,#Team Batman or#Team Superman. Now I have to admit I am team Superman all the way but solely for Henry Cavill – have you seen that mans abs!!


  1. DC Comics Superman Hero Light


I love this, more importantly my son thought all his Christmas’ had come at once. The light carries a striking image of The Man of Steel, he sits upon a black base printed with the iconic ‘S’ shield logo. My son said he felt like Superman was guarding his room whilst he slept. From a parents point of view it is great, it casts a great light and the box doesn’t get too hot.
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  1. Batman Eclipse Light


A fantastic choice for Batman aficionados

‘I Am Batman’ or at least it feels like he is waiting in anticipation when you walk into the room. The ominous shape looming creates a great atmosphere. It is a solid structure that omits a great light, the silhouette logo feels like you are being called by the Bat-Signal from your own bedroom. Obviously it is a novelty item but is effective as a light and a great example of your support for the cape crusader.
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  1. Superman Logo Light


Now my allegiances clearly lie with Superman and this brilliant Superman Logo Light. Shaped in the iconic Superman ‘S’ shield with the classic red, yellow and blue colours, the traditionalist/80’s child in me just loves this! The Superman ‘S’ shield is more than just a logo, it’s a symbol of everything the Man of Steel represents.

Superman Logo Light is an awesome monument to the best superhero. It cleverly comes with a detachable stand or it can be mounted on a wall so easily.
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  1. Build Your Own Batmobile


This is such a reasonably priced and effective model. It looks cracking when complete and is ideal for any hobbyist. It is very sturdy and even withstood my 2 year old banging it against the wall. Not the easiest thing to put together but that could be my sausage fingers rather than the model itself!!
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