Birds and the bees: How to attract wildlife in an urban garden

Would you like your garden to be animated by wildlife? Well, there are some tricks you can do to attract some interesting visitors to your garden, even if it is an urban one. Although you may need to know a little bit about the behavior and feeding habits of wildlife, if you intend to attract them to your garden. Yes, food is the perfect bait to lure them in, as most animals and birds will try to avoid a human’s residence unless they are willing to risk it for some excellent food. Of course, what will enter your garden depends very much on the food you use.

If you want to see foxes roaming around your garden, you should know that pet food or scraps from your meals are perfect for foxes, as they are not picky when it comes to food. Put the food out around duck and at a safe distance from your house, as they will not get too close to it. Also, you may want to protect your garbage bins, if you have them somewhere in the garden, with heavy lids, as foxes do tend to be opportunistic and scavenge. But, if you feed them regularly, they will satisfy with that and won’t be attracted by the garbage bin. You may also wish to gather everything that hasn’t been eaten in the morning, because the longer the foods stays out, the more it may become attractive to rats, which is something you will not enjoy in your garden.

For badgers, you just have to respect the same rules as for the foxes, only using unsalted peanuts, pet food, fruits and even worms, the same sold as food for birds. A useful piece of advice would be to water the lawn in the evening, before feeding the badgers, because insects as leatherjackets, attracted by the moist, will keep the badgers from digging your garden. Hedgehogs are also cute to have in the garden, easting snails that can ruin your plants. You can have them there by using canned pet food, which is moistened using boiled water. You can give those scraps too, but only the soft ones, besides milk and other foods with lactose, as they don’t have too much force in their jaws. And do put them a bowl as water as well.

Birds are also lovely to have in the garden, as they will enchant you with the beautiful chirp. You can find food for birds easily, but you will need to get a covered bird feeding area to place the food. Birds don’t appreciate being out in the open when eating, so such a space, placed rather up in a tree, will help. There are many different types bird seeds you can buy for garden birds. Check Kennedy Wild Bird Food for some ideas. Also, having certain plants and trees in your garden will get the birds over as well. Clematis Montana, a plant that grows well on walls and fences, is much appreciated by all sort of small birds. Also, a small fruit tree or bush, such as the redcurrant, will attract them with their fruits. A birdbath is also highly recommended, as they will come to it and luckily find the food you offer as well.

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