By Milly Kelly, Health/Beauty Editor

A GP once told me that it only takes 27 seconds from putting something on your skin for it to reach your bloodstream. Now she was trying to sell me cosmetics at the time (that’s network marketing for you) but regardless of motives it did scare me into really reviewing what I was plastering on my face morning, noon and night.

So, I went au naturel (from the neck up, you’ll be pleased to know) and have now been using only natural products on my face for the past two months or so. This actually started because I was getting married and wanted to make sure that when I had cried off all my makeup, the skin underneath was in a fit state to be seen (and photographed) on this big important day.

I did indeed sob my way through the entire day (so did everyone else, you’d think it was a funeral) so had cried my carefully created layers completely off by the time I’d said “I do” and was actually really pleased with the skin that lay beneath. For the first time I had no dry patches, no breakouts, no greasey forehead (until I hit the dance floor), it was great!

I chose to use Bristol based natural skin company AA Skincare (short for Amphora Aromatics) because I’d tried a small amount of product before (and liked it) but mostly because of price. I am a firm believer that if you’d pay it for a pair of shoes or a handbag you should be fine with spending the same amount on your face but what with planning a wedding and all I didn’t have any money for shoes or faces. The cost of the Amphora moisturiser I use is £5.94 and the eye gel is £4.80. For what I spent on my skin the results were amazing, better I think than any results I could have gotten if I spent four times as much. Because the products are made with natural ingredients and essential oils, they smell really lovely, glide on smoothly and are super absorbent. I use a Chamomile and Lavender cream at night time which really gets me in the relaxed spirit for sleep, I also use it if I know I’m spending the day in the city centre because it’s a barrier cream, ensuring there is always something between your pores and the city smog. The other moisturiser I used was the Neroli and Aloe cream, which smells a little funky at first, like newly cut grass in a primary school playground but now I’ve gotten used to it I like the smell, it also has a natural SPF in there but only a small amount – definitely go for other suncream if you’re expecting it to be sunny.

Even though the company is Bristol based you can buy any and all of their products online and they arrive at your door really rather promptly. I only bought two moisturisers and an eye gel last time but what with clay face masks, cleansing oils, gels and waters, as well as hair products on offer, I’m thinking that my next order will be far more extensive!

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