The Weekly Cocktail Recipe – Ray’s Bar’s ‘Spice World’

With December having arrived, the time has come to get into the Christmas spirit. This week’s cocktail recipe is a Christmas-themed drink from Ray’s Bar in Dalston.

Opened by the team behind Dalston Superstore and Voodoo Ray’s, the bar’s drinks menu is designed by drinks consultant Shiv Lal, along with General Manager Waseem Akbar and Head Bartender Dave Miller. The ‘Spice World’, for instance, is a simple combination of on-trend rye whiskey, chai syrup, antica formula and a cream float dusted with nutmeg.


40ml Rittenhouse Rye

25ml Chai syrup

20ml Antica formula

Cream float

To Garnish

Nutmeg, a pinch


Pour all ingredients except cream into mixing glass, stir until everything is chilled and mixed.

Pour over ice into glass. Float cream on top. Garnish with a dusting of nutmeg.

Further information on Ray’s Bar can be found at

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