What is Kohlrabi? A new survey reveals the UK is lacking in vegetable know how.

During January when many of us make a limited attempt to eat a healthier diet and exercise more, knowing your onions is essential, but a new survey has revealed that people in the UK have an issue identifying vegetable and including veg in their everyday diets.

In a survey by electrical retailer AO.com, 73% of people failed to identify rhubarb as a vegetable, whilst only 36% knew that kohlrabi was a root vegetable. The survey also revealed that 56% of people wished that they knew how to do more with vegetables in the kitchen.

By the way, if you are one of the guilty party asking what is Kohlrabi, it’s a root vegetable grown in the UK that’s also know as a German Turnip or Turnip Cabbage.  It’s eaten widely in German speaking countries and can be cooked and used in exactly the same way as other traditional root vegetables, but is particularly good eaten raw in ‘saws’ as the flavour is sweeter and less vegetal than some other roots.

With this in mind AO.com has launched a new ‘Vegetable Cookbook’ designed to get more people to include vegetables as part of their everyday meals.

The interactive cookbook features a whole host of information about how to cook and prepare different vegetables to produce easy and delicious meals.

Lyndsey Evan, head of communications at AO.com commented on the thinking behind the piece:

Our survey revealed that 56% of people wished that they knew more about how to cook vegetables, so we decided to help try and solve that problem.

 The Vegetable Cookbook is an interactive portal designed to give the public a wide range of recipes and cooking ideas, to prove that cooking with vegetables needn’t be a chore or one-dimensional. It can actually be a tasty and healthy way to enhance some of your favourite meals”.

The survey also uncovered some interesting statistics surrounding the UK’s attitudes towards vegetables, including how much they spend a week and their opinion on nutritional education in schools.


Vegetable Survey – Stat-File

  • 42% of people have been put off buying vegetables in the past because of their price tag.
  • 60% of people are spending less than £10 a week on vegetables.
  • 39% of people believe schools aren’t doing enough to promote healthy eating and nutrition.
  • 71% people thought that peppers were vegetables. They’re not.
  • Only 51% of 16 – 24 year olds knew how many portions of fruit and veg were recommended per week.


You can take a look at the AO.com Vegetable Cookbook here – http://ao.com/life/kitchen/kitchen-tips/vegetable-cookbook/


*Survey carried out between 14/08/15 – 17/08/15 by AO.com to 1000 people across the UK

**Photo credit: “GreenKohlrabi” by Jonathunder – Own work. Licensed under GFDL 1.2 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:GreenKohlrabi.jpg#/media/File:GreenKohlrabi.jpg

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