How To Make… Fermented Cauliflower Kombu Broth

Since opening in 2015, Flat Three has become renowned for a number of mind-blowing Japanese, Scandinavian and Korean-inspired dishes. The restaurant’s fermented cauliflower kombu broth, for instance, is delicious – available paired with poached sea bass. With patience, the recipe for that particular broth is fairly simple to recreate at home – with the cauliflower kimchi requiring at least two weeks’ inactive preparation. Trust us, the final result is worth the wait.


You will need a sterilised jar with a lid

For the Cauliflower Kimchee

Cauliflower leaves, 500g (inner leaves first from the actual cauliflower)

Water, 1 litre

Salt, 25g

Fresh chopped ginger, 40g

Fresh chopped garlic, 40g

For the Finishing Broth

Cauliflower kimchee liquor, 1 litre

Kombu, 1 small piece

To Prepare the Cauliflower Kimchi

Wash and finely chop cauliflower leaves, place in the sterilised jar then add remaining ingredients. Store at room temperature for minimum 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks you should have a very fragrant, pungent/stinky, sour liquid that is pleasant to the taste. Strain the contents and keep the leaves for a stir fry or eat them the way they are

To Prepare the Finishing Broth

Heat the ingredients to around 60 degrees and keep this temperature constant for about 1 hour. It’s ok if it goes a little higher but be sure it doesn’t go lower as you won’t end up with such a flavourful stock.

After 1 hour, strain the stock and then it is ready.

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