London (and the world’s) best bar’s signature cocktails

By Steve Taggart

Nightjar on City Road was again voted in the top three world’s 50 best bars. This cocktail bar’s menu is divided into pre-prohibition, prohibition and post-war drinks in a setting that is firmly in the prohibition era. You half expect to see Al-Capone in the corner drinking some “milk.”

Alongside the décor the bar often has live music which often reflects the ambience of the era, with old school jazz from the 20’s and 30’s.

To celebrate their world class rating, below you will find two signature cocktails featuring Woodford Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey which are served in the salubrious setting of Nightjar.

We suggest you hit this moodily lit room with its gorgeous pressed tin ceiling and try one for yourself.



Glass: Absinthe

Method: Muddle and served with a Julep strainer


50ml Woodford

Ontario Ice Wine tea Leaves (muddled)

Bar spoon of Yumberry powder

20ml Sugar Syrup

Dash of lemon

3 dashes of Absinthe Bitters

50ml Mercier Brut Champagne

Garnish: Mint


This is a fresh and herbal cocktail with an Absinthe aroma accompanied by the taste of berries. The bourbon is very flavourful in this longer Julep style cocktail.




Glass: Rocks Glass

Method: Stirred, similar method to the Old Fashioned


50ml Woodford

10ml Fernet Branca

15ml Maple syrup with coffee and roasted pecan nuts

Orange blossom smoke

Garnish: Candy Floss


This short and strong cocktail is quite similar to the Old Fashioned. It is distinguished by its smoked and bittersweet taste.


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