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So, what’s Mad Mods And A Camera?

A journey – An amazing journey that started with a brief conversation outside a café in Enfield, North London. A journey that’s taken me on Rideouts, to club meetings and social events, and led to meet-ups with Mods all over the country. And a photographic journey that, as one Mod once said to me, “spread the love” about modern-day Mods.


An education – I’ve always loved Mod culture. The style, the music, the lights and mirrors on the Vespas and Lambrettas. But I didn’t realise just how strong the culture was, or know about the different subcultures until I started photographing them. Now I hope my shots will inspire the new generation of Mods and celebrate what they’re all about in the 21st century.


A celebration – My attempt to capture the Mod scene as it is today. It’s a sort of ‘what happened next’ to follow-up that great book Mod: A very British phenomenon. And there’s nothing like this out there at the moment – capturing the fantastic people who are keeping the Mod style real.


An on-going project – A website. A book. A photography exhibition. And then who knows after that? The best thing for me is that I always get a great welcome and the Mods seem happy for me to continue capturing them on camera as they keep the Mod spirit alive and kicking.


Me – And I suppose Mad Mods And A Camera is me. Duncan James. Art director. Photographer. And Mod enthusiast.

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